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Diving became a popular sport and that is not without reason. The feeling of weightlessness, being active outside, the adventure of being in a completely different world where remarkable species live in alien landscapes, make diving a unique and marvelous experience.

Our club

Next to the many dive weekends, the pool training is the backbone of our social life. Every Monday evening from 18:30-19:45 we have our weekly training sessions. After the training, people usually go for a beer in our regular pub de Bres. Besides this we have an extended agenda throughout the year with fun, relaxing, exciting and / or educational events.

Introduction Dives

Do you want to experience what it is to dive? You can enlist for an Introduction dive during a Monday evening. You start with a lecture about what it is to dive, how to dive safely, and we will tell you something about our club. After the lecture you will actually dive underwater with one of our experienced instructors. And after your dive? Don’t go away yet as we are going to have a beer at our regular pub to exchange bold (dive) stories.

Who are we?

The Groninger Studenten Duik Club (Groningen Student Divers Association) Ad Fundum is a diving organization for students from Groningen. Our organization is open for everyone who studies at the Hanze University or University of Groningen. Ad Fundum was founded in 1973 in order to make diving possible for students by giving dive training, making diving material available and organizing (dive) events; all of this considering the budget of student.

Ad Fundum is English Friendly!

As student life in Groningen becomes more and more internationally oriented, and international students play an active role within our club, in 2017 we officially started teaching in English. The training for the first star license will be completely in English, more advanced training in English is work in progress. Furthermore, all our formal club and board meetings are in English from now on.

Learning how to dive?

Would you like to get to know the underwater world but do you lack a divers license? No problem! At Ad Fundum you can get all licenses up to the 3* license. You don’t have to pay for your education and training, only for your course / instruction books. This is made possible by our own instructors who like to teach diving for fun. It is even possible to grow towards becoming an instructor yourself!


If you still have remaining questions, send us an email at info@adfundum.info!